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    To Activate, just open and read

    Michael Jacoby Brown distills more than 30 years of organizing into his book, which every aspiring and veteran activist should own. “Building Powerful Community Organizations” can be read straight through as a primer on how to become an activist. Or, it can be a reference for specific problems—the detailed table of contents, chapter overviews, examples, self-study exercises, and index make information easy to find. Jacoby Brown defines community organizing, the way to build a community with homegrown leaders, run meetings, raise money, and get results. He tells activists to work with their membership to build lasting relationships rather than dictate to them. Top-down groups have little staying power and the leaders burn out. This book is strongly recommended for public and academic libraries, especially those with social service and management collections.

    Duncan Stewart, Univ. of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City
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